The idea behind CLAUDETTE is to empower consumers and civil society by ultimately creating user-end tools enabling everyone to quickly assess fairness of consumer contracts and privacy policies one has to accept before using online platforms. Our technology is still in experimental, laboratory form; but we are happy to show the society where we stand and listen to feedback.

We have created a beta-version of CLAUDETTE web server, available HERE. For now, the function of scanning contracts (terms of services) is available. You can copy-paste any terms of service there. Give it a try, and feel free to send us feedback!

In addition, we automatically monitor, on the daily basis, changes to privacy policies of online platforms. If you want to see the automated assessment of these documents under the GDPR, click HERE.

Before CLAUDETTE, which runs on machine-learning technology, we have a created a software relying on a human-made grammar. Everyone’s free to download it and test it here.